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Oslo, Norway from Bing Travel

Oslo, Norway from Bing Travel

Bing travel is a new service designed to make searching for travel deals and packages easier and more convenient for everyone. Bing travel claims to offer a smarter travel search which helps you to decide when to buy tickets, when and where to fly, as well as where to stay once you get to your destination.  They can offer this type of search because they process a huge amount of data on airfares and hotel rates daily.  The service works quite well from nearly any major U.S or Canadian city and provide information for traveling within North America and to destinations worldwide.  Bing travel allows customers to compare, sort and narrow down flights and hotels from hundreds of different websites to find the best deal for you. Booking of flight and hotels is not done through Bing travel itself.  Once a trip has been selected, Bing travel steps aside and allows customers to book directly with the carrier or company providing the service.

The search technology employed is unique to Bing and took several years of testing in order to provide the best service to its customers.  It is unique enough to various parts and processes patented or have patents pending. Bing travel makes certain to collect a lot of data in order to give the most accurate predictions possible and save its users money. Each day, Bing travel processes millions of different types of flights and the flight itineraries including hotel data.  They take this data and convert it into statistical data and the date is fed into predictive models.  All of it is designed to provide the very best price prediction available on the internet today.

Bing pulls data from many different sites and will search out deals from a hundred different airline and travel agency websites.  The point is to gauge whether or not fares for your desired trip are rising or dropping, which helps to decide whether or not a ticket should be purchased or whether you should wait.  Bing Travel’s method is generally considered fairly accurate, up to about 75% of the time and on average, saves customers over 50 dollars when purchasing a trip. This may not seem like a lot to many people, but in today’s economic climate, any savings is a benefit. Also, there is a fairly good chance that your own trip chosen through Bing Travel could save you much more than $50, and it is well worth looking into for that alone.

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